Galerie Hubert Winter

Marcia Hafif
Vienna Suite
3. April – 16. May 1998

Marcia Hafif

Vienna Suite


Permanent Red Light
Irgazine Ruby
Perylene Maroon (or Paliogen Maroon)
Heliogen Blue

Each painting has a title which identifies it. The title ist he name of the pigment with which the paint is made. Part of the title, too, ist he name of the series to which it belongs. Thus a family of paintings is created with a history of descent, and an Inventory within which each painting has a place. It is my practice to include some blue or even yellow paintings within a “red“ series.

2) VIENNA SUITE, the photos

Two years ago in Vienna I was Fascinated with installations I saw in store windows of woman’s under garments. No, actually, I was carrying my camera with me and was looking for certain shots I could make of sexy-looking mannequin legst hat I could use in a video work I was making, a series called Letters to J-C.
But then I began to see that the shop window installations in Vienna were often Baroque in a way that reflected the Baroque architecture I was seeing in the center of the city. One photo led to another as I continued on my way to Venezia, Firenze and Paris where in each city I added to the collection.
I have not yet competed the video work for Letters to J-C, but the photos have formed an image in themselves and the ones shown now in Vienna are chosen from the larger series that was the result of that travel in Austria, Italy and France.


With this work I have wanted to explore the connection and difference between a photograph which depends on being lighted properly in order to see it and a photograph on video which is back-lit and re-formatted. Another consideration is that of time which, in the instance of the photograph, is open-ended, while with video the artist determines the timing of what is seen on the screen. Of course, the viewer always has theopportunity to walk away, but I have been interested in exploring the parameters of time, especially the effect of lengthening it, and suggesting what seems an optimum time.