Galerie Hubert Winter

Mary Ellen Carroll, act of god (1999)
5 lithographic plates and glyphtones on aluminium. Ed. 5/5, 30 x 40 inch
<p>Mies Van der Rohe´s "Glass house", commissioned by the nephrologist Dr. Edith Farnsworth as a weekend home, is considered to be an architectural masterpeice. Its uniquness lies in part in the way that its glass-curtain facade mades its structure invisible, so that the inhabitant seems to be living without mediation within the landscape - or afloat, when the neighboring Fox River floods the site on which the house is built, near Plato, Illinois. .....</p> <p>Unless one makes a pilgrimage to a site like the Farnsworth House, photography is paramount to the dissemination of architectural design. The body of work <em>"act of</em> god<em>" </em>grappels with this problem by attempting to encode as much information as possible in a reproduced and distributed image; ....</p>