Galerie Hubert Winter

Mary Ellen Carroll, A Modest Proposal/A Modist Prepozel (1991)
8 embroidered World War II blankets, each 5' x 8'
<p>For this work, eight white wool naval blankets from WWII were monogrammed with the entirety of the eponymous essay by Jonathan Swift, which is considered to be the quintessential work of satiric irony. The essay was transliterated into a phonetic spelling usind the American Heritage Dictionary´s format, with the diacritical marks deleted so that the system would not further obfuscate a reading process already intentionally slowed by phoneticization to the point where each word in the essay has a unique physiognomy.<br /> ...</p> <p><em>A Modest Proposal/A Modist Prepozel </em>(1990-1991)</p>