Galerie Hubert Winter

Judith Fegerl
non-specific charged ones
8. April – 14. May 2016
"Gott sei Dank!" rief der Hellseher aus. "Endlich habt ihr das verstanden! In dieser Welt voll Unklarheit und Rätsel, Dämmerung und Trübheit, Seltsamkeit und Irrtum gibt es nur eine untrügliche Wahrheit - die Wahrheit des Charakters!"
Die letzten Zeilen. In: Witold Gombrowicz, Die Besessenen. (1939).
Dt. v. K. Staemmler. München, Hanser, 1989.

The starting point for Judith Fegerl’s second solo show at Galerie Hubert Winter was the questioning of a charging or tension within an object.

While in her previous exhibitions, it was often the room that was not only the framework but also the protagonist of her installations, it is now her drawings and sculptures that charge the space. By loosely referencing each other, they create different levels of energies by connection and disruptions. Her objects interact without being able to tell what is cause and what is consequence, generating a physiological field of tension and relation within the space.
But the notion of charging for Fegerl is also always a technical one:

steel is being held together and upright by electromagnets, the drawing becomes an image carrier for delicate graphite leads, soldered copper wires, spanned across a white wall, are reminiscent of electric circuits, they create an oscillating surface.
non-specific charged ones opens a psychological space, it reinforces a moment of tension, hesitation, of being anxious. With her works, Judith Fegerl articulates a moment before a sensuous experience, an almost vibrating sense of anticipation and an understanding of time as we await the impending crash of metal.

Judith Fegerl, born 1977 in Vienna; lives and works in Vienna.

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