Galerie Hubert Winter

"Ein Brief" - New Paintings by Dexter Dalwood
curated by Michael Bracewell
15. September – 14. October 2017

This exhibition responds to Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s celebrated text ‘Ein Brief’ (1902).

Dexter Dalwood’s recent paintings are poetic, stark and astringent - intensely modern, industrial, yet dense with mystery and contemplation.

They compliment perfectly the psychological themes explored in ‘Ein Brief’, and also relate Hofmansthal’s text to the history and capacities of painting.

“… it is as if my body consisted entirely of coded messages revealing everything to me. Or as if we could enter into a new, momentous relationship with all existence if we began to think with our hearts.”
(Hugo von Hofmansthal)

The exhibition takes place in the context of curated by_vienna: “image/reads/text. Language in Contemporary Art”. In 2017, 21 Vienna galleries are involved in the project. In cooperation with international curators, the galleries conceptualise exhibitions opening up various perspectives on the topic. curated by_vienna is funded and organised by the Vienna Business Agency with its creative center departure with the objective of emphasising Vienna’s significance as a gallery location.