Galerie Hubert Winter

Jojo Gronostay, DWMC—Dead White Mens Clothes (2017)
<p>Dead White Mens Clothes, short DWMC, is a platform, art project and clothing brand. </p> <p>The origin of the label’s name lies in the Ghanaian term “Obroni Wawu” which can be translated to “DEAD WHITE MEN’S CLOTHES”. When first waves of second-hand clothes arrived from “the west“ in the 70’s the locals could not believe that such high-quality clothing could just be given away for free, so they assumed that the previous owner must have died.</p> <p>Founded in 2017 by Jojo Gronostay, DWMC addresses questions about the fashion system, neocolonialism and identity.</p> <p><a href=""></a></p>